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  • In need of donations

    Officials at The Salvation Army of Greenwood are asking residents to donate food to its local food pantry.

  • Greenwood cruises past Emerald
    The Greenwood High School volleyball team played flat and lifeless Thursday against Emerald.
    But, the Eagles had enough energy to put away the scrappy Vikings in three sets, winning 25-15, 25-27 and 25-20.
    “We were flat and not excited, not pumped up at all,” Greenwood Julie Cox said. “I hate that because when our team is excited and pumped up, we’re a fantastic and unstoppable team. When we’re flat, everybody is flat.
  • Erskine president addresses financial concerns
    For new Erskine College and Theological Seminary president Paul Kooistra, honesty and integrity are top priorities.
    DUE WEST -- In the first two sets of their rivalry match with Dixie High School, Abbeville experienced a similar problem: the Panthers would build up an early lead but allow the Hornets to come back for the win.
    So going into the third set, Abbeville coach Krystal Brown was set to give a pep talk. The only problem was her seniors beat her to it.
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    Friday, August 29, 2014 12:35 AM
    History could be made tonight at the expense of the Abbeville Panthers.
    Abbeville travels to Christ Church tonight to play the Cavaliers, who are three-time defending Class A state champions. They are also riding a 41-game winning streak that ties the state record for consecutive wins, a record set by Summerville from 1978-80. With the win, Christ Church sets the record.
    Obviously, Abbeville has no desire to be the team that gives Christ Church the record. Panthers coach Jamie Nickles downplayed the streak and said he would not even bring it up, which is what a coach should say. In the grand scheme of things, this game does not mean a whole lot. Abbeville could lose tonight and be on the wrong side of history, but then rebound to win the Class AA Division II state championship. No one will remember losing to Christ Church then. 
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    Friday, August 29, 2014 12:30 AM
    Ninety Six’s 41-20 victory against St. Joseph’s last Friday was the first test run for coach Mike Doolittle. But fortunately, he says the turnover has been quite easy since returning to the school. And a lot of that, he says, was based off respect and discipline.
    “The first lesson I had with them through the year was telling time,” Doolittle said. “It is better to be early than on time.” 
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  • Friday, August 29, 2014 12:28 AM
    Tonight will be a historic night at Christ Church Episcopal School’s Carson Stadium.
    Abbeville travels to Greenville to battle the Cavaliers in a game that could set a state record. Christ Church tied Summerville’s nearly 40-year old mark for consecutive wins last weekend at 41. 
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