Hotel occupancy in Greenwood built around business

The Festival of Discovery. The Festival of Flowers. Lander University graduation.

Staple events that Lakeland-area lodgers can depend on to reserve Greenwood County’s roughly 735 hotel rooms.

Bu ...


Ware Shoals man faces domestic violence charge

Monzell Ledell Hicks, 32, of 73 Audubon Road, Ware Shoals, was arrested Monday and charged with high and aggravated domestic violence.

A woman told a Ware Shoals police officer Monday that she was ass ...


Search ensues after fisher reels in human hair

While fishing near the William T. Jones III bridge in Ware Shoals, someone reported pulling in human hair on their line, according to John Long, officer in charge of professional standards with the Gr ...


Report: Deputies investigate shooting, ramming

The call came out about 7:30 p.m. Monday as a shooting involving three vehicles, but when Greenwood County deputies investigated further, they heard conflicting statements from the women involved.

Dep ...

Greenwood SWAT trains at abandoned CPW building

With full tactical vests and helmets on, members of the Greenwood County SWAT Team held their suppressed rifles at the ready Tuesday morning as they filed into the derelict CPW water plant at the corn ...


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