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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO BE HELD BY GREENWOOD COUNTY COUNCIL FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING A DETERMINATION AS TO WHETHER GREENWOOD METROPOLITAN DISTRICT SHALL BE AUTHORIZED TO ISSUE NOT EXCEEDING $8,050,000 OF GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS OF GREENWOOD METROPOLITAN DISTRICT, THE PROCEEDS OF WHICH SHALL BE USED TO PROVIDE FUNDS TO REFUND CERTAIN OUTSTANDING OBLIGATIONS OF THE DISTRICT AND TO FINANCE THE COST OF IMPROVEMENTS TO THE WILSON CREEK WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing shall be held, beginning at 5:30 P.M., on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, in the American Veterans' Auditorium of the Greenwood County Library, 600 Main Street South, Greenwood, South Carolina, on the question of the issuance of not exceeding $8,050,000 of general obligation bonds of Greenwood Metropolitan District (the "District") to provide funds to finance the cost of (i) refunding all or a portion of the District's outstanding General Obligation Bonds of 1999 (the "Series 1999 Bonds"); (ii) refunding all or a portion of the District's outstanding General Obligation Bond, Series 2004 (the "Series 2004 Bond"); and (iii) financing improvements to the Wilson Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, including the addition of sludge holding tanks, and miscellaneous capital improvements. If the authorization of the Greenwood County Council is obtained, Greenwood Metropolitan Commission proposes to issue not exceeding $8,050,000 general obligation bonds of Greenwood Metropolitan District, secured by a pledge of the full faith, credit and taxing power of Greenwood Metropolitan District, and payable from an unlimited ad valorem tax upon all taxable property within Greenwood Metropolitan District, sufficient to pay the principal and interest of such bonds as they respectively mature and to create such sinking fund as may be necessary therefor. The aforesaid hearing shall be conducted publicly and both proponents and opponents of the proposed action shall be given full opportunity to be heard. Following the public hearing the Greenwood County Council shall, by resolution, make a finding as to whether general obligation bonds of Greenwood Metropolitan District to the extent of not exceeding $8,050,000 shall be authorized to be issued. The public hearing is authorized by, and shall be conducted pursuant to, the provisions of Article 5, Chapter 11, Title 6 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976, as amended. BY ORDER of the Greenwood County Council. 8(14,21,28)14 69599
STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF GREENWOOD IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS C/A NO: 2014-CP-24-0646 (NON-JURY MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE) SUMMONS AND NOTICES Nationstar Mortgage LLC, PLAINTIFF, vs. Addie Lou Earnhardt; Lisa Jimenez; Stephen Earnhardt; Timothy Earnhardt; Any Heirs-at-Law or Devisees of Edgar W. Earnhardt, Deceased, their heirs, Personal Representatives, Administrators, Successors and Assigns, and all other persons entitled to claim through them; all unknown persons with any right, title or interest in the real estate described herein; also any persons who may be in the military service of the United States of America, being a class designated as John Doe; and any unknown minors or persons under a disability being a class designated as Richard Roe; The United States of America acting by and through its agency The Internal Revenue Service; The South Carolina Department of Revenue, DEFENDANT(S). TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE NAMED: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to answer the Complaint herein, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, or to otherwise appear and defend, and to serve a copy of your Answer to said Complaint upon the subscribers at their office, P.O. Box 71727, North Charleston, South Carolina, 29415, within thirty (30) days after service hereof, exclusive of the day of such service; except that the United States of America, if named, shall have sixty (60) days to answer after the service hereof, exclusive of the day of such service; and if you fail to answer the Complaint within the time aforesaid, or otherwise appear and defend, the Plaintiff in this action will apply to the Court for relief demanded therein, and judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. TO THE MINOR(S) OVER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE, AND/OR TO MINOR(S) UNDER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE AND THE PERSON WITH WHOM THE MINOR(S) RESIDES AND/OR TO PERSONS UNDER SOME LEGAL DISABILITY: YOU ARE FURTHER SUMMONED AND NOTIFIED to apply for the appointment of a guardian ad litem within thirty (30) days after the service of this Summons and Notice upon you. If you fail to do so, application for such appointment will be made by the Plaintiff. YOU WILL ALSO TAKE NOTICE that should you fail to answer the foregoing Summons, the Plaintiff will move for a general Order of Reference to the Special Referee for Greenwood, which Order shall, pursuant to Rule 53(b) of the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, specifically provide that the said Special Referee is authorized and empowered to enter a final judgment in this action. NOTICE OF FILING COMPLAINT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the original Complaint in the above entitled action, together with the Summons, was filed in the Office of the Clerk of Court for Greenwood County on June 2, 2014 at 2:23 P.M. ORDER APPOINTING GUARDIAN AD LITEM NISI It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, upon reading and filing of the Petition of the Plaintiff for the appointment of Anne (Nancy) Bell Fant, attorney in , South Carolina, as Guardian ad Litem Nisi for all unknown minors, and for all persons who may be under a legal disability, it is ORDERED that Anne (Nancy) Bell Fant, Attorney at Law, be and she is hereby appointed Guardian ad Litem Nisi on behalf of unknown minors or persons under a legal disability, all of whom may have an interest in or claim to have some interest in the real property known as 514 Dixie Dr, Greenwood, SC 29646; that she is empowered and directed to appear on behalf of and represent said Defendants, unless the said Defendants, or someone on their behalf, shall within thirty (30) days after service of a copy hereof as directed, procure the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem for the said Defendants; AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this Order shall forthwith be served upon the said Defendants by publication thereof in the Index-Journal, a newspaper of general circulation published in the County of Greenwood, State of South Carolina, once a week for three consecutive weeks, together with the Summons in the above entitled action. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT pursuant to the Supreme Court of South Carolina Administrative Order 2011-05-02-01, you may be eligible for foreclosure intervention programs for the purpose of resolving the above-referenced foreclosure action. If you wish to be considered for a foreclosure intervention program, you must contact Finkel Law Firm LLC, 4000 Faber Place Drive, Suite 450 (29405), P.O. Box 71727 (29415), North Charleston, SC 29405, or call (843) 577-5460 within thirty (30) days from the date of this notice. Finkel Law Firm LLC represents the Plaintiff in this action. Our law firm does not represent you and is not authorized to provide you any legal advice. IF YOU FAIL, REFUSE, OR VOLUNTARILY ELECT NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS FORECLOSURE INTERVENTION PROCESS, THE FORECLOSURE MAY PROCEED. NOTICE PURSUANT TO THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT (15 U.S.C. ? 1692 et seq.): This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information you provide will be used for that purpose. However, if you have previously received a discharge from bankruptcy, this message is not and should be construed as an attempt to collect a debt, but only as a requirement pursuant to the administrative order. Ingram B. Moon Clerk of Court for Greenwood County Greenwood, South Carolina July 21, 2014 FINKEL LAW FIRM LLC Thomas A. Shook P.O. Box 71727 North Charleston, SC 29415 (843) 577-5460 Attorney for Plaintiff 8(7,14,21)14 68958