At just a year and a half Apollo is in Olympic lapdog form, his strong tiny chest holds a big snuggly heart, and his tough-guy persona melts magically away the moment you pick him up. Apollo is a wonderful, gentle playmate for kids. (Cats are fine too; other dogs, not so much.) If you're looking for a love of god-like proportions in wagging miniature form, come see how divine Apollo really is.
Her favorite move is the Twirly-Purr, when she turns her dark-and-silvery-light-striped head under to show you her tiny chin, all the while vroom-vrooming so hard you think she might bust a gusset. She's gently exuberant, great with kids, dogs and other cats, and so playful she accidentally tied a toy to her tail and tried to out-run herself. Her box is tidy and she's too clean-sweet not to touch, come hear her make a loving introduction with her single perfect "mew."
Visit or call the adoption center at 864.942.8775