She's as pristine as new fallen snow, Snowflake will blanket you with gentle warmth and make every day White-Christmas-special. Snowflake's two-years-young and already spayed. She loves to keep herself perfectly clean and will offer a soft flurry of girly purr-words when you brush her. She's fine with dogs but likes to keep her distance from other cats; her box is as immaculate as the rest of her.
Here's perfection on four legs --- an impeccably housetrained German Shepherd/mix gentleman, small for his kind, with a smile as big and bright as his mind --- so lovingly trustworthy he's willing to wait for permission before hugging your neck warmly. Cyrus is 5 years old stray and will make a dear and ideal playmate for kids of all ages and other dogs too; he's also fine with cats.
For more information visit or call the adoption center at 864-942-8775.