District 50's new Director of Instructional Technology, Kitty Tripp works on a tablet.
(Kate Hruby 
| Index Journal)
District 50's new Director of Instructional Technology, Kitty Tripp works on a tablet. (Kate Hruby | Index Journal)
District 50's new director of instructional technology Kitty Tripp didn't always know she wanted to be a teacher.
"It's funny, I never remember a moment when I said 'I'm going to get into education,'" Tripp said.
"But my dad always tells me that I used to line up my dolls and teach them," Tripp recalled.
Still, however much she might have fought it, education always seemed to draw her in.
"As I went through college, I tried a couple of majors, but I always went back to education," Tripp said.
Her other majors at Bob Jones University before finally settling on elementary education were physical education and speech.
In spite of her initial hesitation,Tripp said her major talent has always been working with people to help them learn.
Whether it be in her educational career or through her church, Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Tripp has strived to reach others through teaching.

"With my church, I've traveled on several missions trips," Tripp said.
"They have a really big focus on reaching out, not just in their own community, but globally," she continued.
The church sent Tripp on a mission to Peru, an experience that made her realize how blessed she and her students were.
"Even coming back to my classroom with my Title One students, helping them to realize that they're blessed. Showing them the pictures of how they have more then the kids over in Peru," Tripp said.
Tripp emphasized this sort of global communication has become more and more prominent, even essential, in an increasingly interconnected world.
She said preparing students for this world will be part of her job in the district.
"We've gone from a static activity to dynamic activity that allows us to involve family, community. The walls of the classroom start to come down, and you get more of a global perspective," Tripp said.
Now a seasoned teacher with various educational backgrounds under her belt, Tripp is poised to tackle integrating technology into the district.
Tripp started her teaching career at Bob Jones Elementary School, in the town of her alma mater, teaching second grade for two years.
After her two years there, Tripp decided to move to the school in which she student taught, Duncan Chapel Elementary in Greenville.
"I wanted to experience other educational areas," Tripp said of her decision.
She taught at Duncan for six years, teaching third and fifth grade.