The campaign colors might have changed through the years, but the message remained the same.
District 12 state Rep. Anne Parks kicked off the campaign to retain her House seat Friday with a rally in Greenwood. Several dozen supporters gathered at the Jackson Hewitt Tax store along South Main Street, where the longtime Democratic legislator had her reception.
Several yard boards were stacked at the front door proclaiming Parks’ ambitions in this year’s election. The maroon and gold signposts were a lot more colorful than the cream and purple poster that hung on one of the walls, a throwback to Parks’ campaign in 1996 when she initially won the state seat. The refrain, however, endured as the 1996 placards and the ones for this year boasted a slogan that read, “Commitment to Serve All.
“This is not our first go round and this is not going to be our last,” she told the crowd. “I always like to stress that this is not my seat, this is our seat. And I cannot win any election without your help. We all have to do it together, it takes all of us.”

Parks, a 16-year veteran of the Statehouse, will be facing off against Greenwood native Tony Wideman in the Nov. 4 general election. The Republican candidate is the owner of T.W. Boons in Uptown Greenwood.
Parks served one year finishing out a term during her first stint as the state representative. She lost the ensuing race at the end of the two-year term and was re-elected to the seat in 1999. She’s remained there ever since.