Justin Eller
Justin Eller
One reveler who attended this weekend's annual Oyster Roast in Greenwood was arrested following a run-in with a front porch Saturday night.
Justin Eller, 30, of 201 Moore St., Greenwood, was charged with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, striking fixtures on highway and open container of beer in vehicle in connection with the incident.
City police tracked the suspect moments after reports of a hit-and-run in which an SUV struck a home on East Cambridge Avenue. According to a Greenwood police report:
Police responded to the home and found a side porch damaged with parts of the offending vehicle lying on the porch and near the scene. Patrol officers were able to locate the suspect's car in his driveway not too far north of the crash by following a trail of leaking radiator fluid. When questioned, the man said he left the scene because he was scared, so he drove home. Police noted the driver had a bloody lip, appeared to be intoxicated and had beer spillings on his shirt indicative of him being in an accident. The suspect told police he'd consumed six beers within the past seven hours while at the Oyster Roast, a fest hosted by the Greenwood Rotary Club this weekend near the Civic Center.
Officers found opened beer bottles on the driver's side and passenger's side floorboards of the SUV and noted the suspect's wife also appeared to be in the car during the wreck. Subsequently, Christie Eller, 29, of the same address, was also cited for open container of beer in vehicle, police records indicated.