Cory Greene
Cory Greene
Two people were arrested Thursday after deputies found a Greenwood teen living in unsafe conditions earlier this month in a mobile home off Callison Highway.
Cory Greene, 43, and Vera Nation, 47, both of 105 Folly Bend Drive, Greenwood, were each charged with abuse of vulnerable adult in connection with the incident.
Greenwood County deputies began searching for the 19-year-old after her mother contacted authorities Aug. 12 alerting them that she had not spoken to the teen in about three or four weeks. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
The woman told officers the victim was living with people who would not allow her to contact her mother. Officers determined the victim was living with the suspects, who she met at the Hope House in Spartanburg, noting the three ventured on their own to start their own transitional living facility for people with mental or physical disabilities.
Officers spoke to the female suspect who said the victim was now living on her own at the residence of one of her acquaintances along Breezewood Road. The suspect said the victim's social security disability check was now being deposited into her account because the victim's mother was attempting to do something with the money and they could not get an account in the victim's name, claiming the teen did not have a state I.D.
Officers and Department of Social Services workers responded to the residence along Breezewood Road to check on the victim's welfare, and found her in what was described as an unkempt single-wide mobile home. Once inside the home, deputies noted a "wall of heat" as the residence was devoid of air conditioning and a temperature gauge showed the home to be 90 degrees. The victim said the air conditioning unit had been continually breaking for the past four weeks she'd been living there.
Officers also noted patches of floor that were sagging and appeared unsafe to walk on, standing water in the washing machine with a foul stench, and mold growing on the ceiling in the corner of her bedroom from an apparent leak in the roof.
Officers described the victim's demeanor as hostile and immature. The teen said she wanted to live in the trailer to be on her own, and indicated the suspects had allowed her to. She told officers the suspects took care of her and handled her money. When asked if she had any money, the victim showed deputies a jar of coins she said she found. The victim also indicated her clothes were hand-me-downs of the female suspect, and said she liked wearing the woman's old clothes.
Officers determined the living conditions were unsafe and that the victim was not capable of living unsupervised. She was taken into protective custody.