ABBEVILLE -- The next fiscal year could see a variety of upgrades across the community.
General funds and hospitality tax funds were the focus Tuesday night at a called Abbeville City Council meeting to discuss the budget.
Abbeville City Manager David McCuen proposed the budget to City Council for discussion on the usage of funds for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year.
McCuen reminded council before his presentation of their Strategic Planning Meeting in Rock Hill that focused solely on improving Abbeville.
“Everybody was there for the good and positive of Abbeville,” McCuen said. “We all care about Abbeville and the future of Abbeville.”

McCuen’s and his office’s budget goals for the new fiscal year included paying for “rolling stock” equipment and vehicles without borrowing, maintaining appropriate funding for operations and maintenance line items, cost of salaries increasing 1.5 percent to offset increased expenditure of employee check deductions of state retirement contributions and inflation, and annual operating guide to strategic financial stability.
The city manager’s office set the budget for the next fiscal year at $4,648,610, a 4 percent decrease from last year because of plans limiting borrowing.
The proposal for the general fund expenditure keeps personnel positions at their current levels with funds already budgeted for summer workload assistance.