A Thursday evening shooting behind a Cokesbury Street home is still under investigation, but a few details emerged Friday.
According to a report, Greenwood Police responded to a shooting about 6 p.m. Thursday. Officers arrived at 108 Osborne St. and found a man lying face down on the steps of the home. Officers observed blood on the victim's pants near his left hip.
After being advised by a resident the shooting had taken place behind 374 Cokesbury St., officers located six shell casings. The casings were stamped .45 caliber.
Several rounds hit the residence as well as a Chevrolet Cavalier, shattering the front driver's side glass and the front passenger side glass.
The victim refused to tell officers what happened. A large scratch along the victim's back was noted and officers questioned if the victim had been in any fights. The victim said he was in a fight Thursday, but also said "That's not who shot me."

The victim did not answer repeated questions about the events.
As the victim was being taken to Self Regional Medical Center, EMS personnel located several items in his pockets.
The items found were "$365 in cash, along with one clear plastic baggie containing 1.73 grams of a green leafy substance, and another clear plastic baggie containing 3.77 grams of a green leafy substance," in the victim's right front pocket. In his left front pocket $370 was found. The green leafy substance, submitted to evidence for proper testing, is thought to be marijuana.