If Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works employees are going through a tough time and need to talk to a professional counselor, they will continue to have that opportunity.
The CPW board -- Henry Watts, Mike Monaghan and Art Bush -- voted last week to once again fund the CPW employee assistance program. The annual contract for that service is with Cornerstone, in the amount of $4,500.

The CPW employee assistance program has been an ongoing program for more than 20 years.
As part of the program, CPW employees or their dependents are entitled to 10 free visits with Cornerstone per year, if needed.
“As employees, we all face different things at different times in our lives,” Reeves said. “It could be something that causes us a great deal of stress or depression. Some people go through marital issues, family issues. It may even be somebody struggling with something at work. Or it could be alcohol or drug abuse type of issues.