With only one local contested primary, most Lakelands residents have been spared the influx of campaigning politicians, yard signs and campaigning paraphernalia; except from state races, of course.
Abbeville County Council District 2’s race is the exception.
A three-way race in the Democratic primary -- with no Republican candidates filing -- will determine the seat that extends from Calhoun Falls to portions to the city of Abbeville.

John Calhoun is Abbeville County Council’s longest-serving member with 24 years. That experience is Calhoun’s primary selling point to voters.
“Those years of experience let me get contact with people in both Abbeville and Columbia,” Calhoun said. “I can make phone calls and help people out. My opponents, they’re inexperienced and don’t have the contacts I do. They’ll have to learn as they go, but I won’t.”