Charlie Barrineau
Charlie Barrineau
Nearly half of the college educated professionals who work in Greenwood don't live here.
The City of Greenwood is looking for ways to change that and entice some of those professionals to make their homes here.
The City is set to put together a diverse focus group of young professionals to advise on "quality of life" issues within the city. In doing so, the city hopes to identify the quality of life issues important to young professionals and eventually take steps to address those wants and needs.
According to Greenwood city manager Charlie Barrineau, during its recent fall retreat, Greenwood City Council received information from Ron Millender, who has done consulting work with economic development firm Partnership Alliance.
"(Millender) had various discussions with CEOs and companies in the community," Barrineau said. "Some of the things that (the companies) brought up is a need for quality of life to attract the 20-something and 30-something professionals. The engineers, medical personnel and so on. Those (young professionals) are looking for certain components of quality of life, whatever that would be for different people."
Barrineau said statistics from Partnership Alliance show 43 percent of employees with a two- or four-year degree who work in Greenwood County live outside of Greenwood County.
As such, Barrineau said the city will put together a focus group of diverse young professionals - with a potential focus on those who work in Greenwood, but live elsewhere - to discuss what issues could be addressed to keep more young professionals living here.