Jim Kier
Jim Kier
Greenwood County Council approved the expenditure of $144,000 from the capital project sales tax fund for a site-specific probable maximum precipitation study at the Buzzard Roost Dam site.
The county has been engaged in talks regarding Buzzard Roost Dam and collected funds through a capital project sales tax to make Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-mandated refurbishments at the dam. A major portion of the project entails updating the fuse plug at the dam, a project county officials conceded needs to be completed.
County engineer Larry Smith told Council a site specific probable maximum precipitation study could lessen the county's obligation as to the remediation needed at Buzzard Roost.
"We have retained our hydro consultants (HDR Engineering) to evaluate the flood routing for a maximum storm through our project," Smith said. "Current studies indicate there will have to be remediations made, as well as a reconstruction of the fuse plug, which has to take place in any case. FERC has indicated, and we have pursued, a path of having a site specific probable maximum precipitation study done for the project. A preliminary study has shown this will probably reduce our maximum flow number and will probably reduce the magnitude of the remediations that still may be required at the dam.
"These studies are not small studies, and they are not cheap."
Smith told Council the completion of the site specific probable maximum precipitation study would likely result in a reduction in expense on the dam project that would exceed the cost of the study.