Anne Parks
Anne Parks
South Carolina has one of the lowest state gas taxes in the nation, at just less than 17 cents per gallon.
However, there are some who would like to see that tax increased, so the state can generate more money to pave and repair roads. 
The topic came up Thursday afternoon during a regular meeting of the Greenwood legislative delegation at the Greenwood County Veterans Center. Legislators in attendance included state Reps. Anne Parks and Shannon Riley, and state Sens. Billy O’Dell and Floyd Nicholson.
District 4 Greenwood County Councilman Chuck Moates was among those in the audience. Following regular session, Moates addressed the delegation. He said he was attending not as a County Council member, but as a taxpaying resident of Greenwood County.
Moates said he thinks a gas tax increase would greatly benefit the state. Funds raised from state gas taxes are used for repairing and upgrading roads.

“I would encourage all of you to seriously consider raising gasoline taxes in this state,” Moates said. “It is important for economic development. Our roads are horrendous. We are an embarrassment. We have one of the lowest gasoline taxes in the country. We’ve got to do more with what we have. That’s infrastructure. It needs to be addressed.
“Everywhere I go in this county and across the state, I hear over and over how awful our roads are and how Scrooge-like we are in this state that we won’t try to do something to improve it.”
O’Dell, who has been in the state legislature for a quarter century, said he thinks infrastructure upgrades are sorely needed in the Palmetto State.