Parish Davis
Parish Davis
A Mathews Mill Village man faces weapons charges following yet another dispute near Edgefield Street during the weekend.
Parish Davis, 22, of 2602 Edgefield St., Greenwood, was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm and unlawful carrying of a pistol in connection with the Friday afternoon incident.
Officers were dispatched to a home on Piedmont Avenue to handle a fight in progress there. The fight involved two feuding group of neighbors who have been involved in several past encounters, including an April 6 brawl and an Easter Sunday fracas.
According to a Greenwood police report:
Friday's incident touched off when a member of the Edgefield Street residence went to the home on Piedmont Avenue and began lobbing threats and instigating a fight. Other members of the Edgefield Street crew, including the suspect, began trying to calm the man down and were attempting to diffuse the situation. That's when the homeowner of the Piedmont house came out with a shotgun, pointed it at the four men and ordered them off her property.
The suspect told officers he responded by pulling out a pistol, cocking it and pointing it toward the ground as he looked at the homeowner. The verbal argument ended at that point and the four men left the Piedmont Avenue residence.