There are many who are hopeful 2014 will be a year in which the positive momentum of economic recovery seen in 2013 will continue.
The Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works is one of the agencies hoping for additional positive signs this year.
Greenwood CPW manager Steve Reeves said there are some encouraging prospects on the horizon.
“One we would like to see come to pass is (economic development) Project Dixie,” Reeves said. “That could have a huge impact on us as a company and on our rate payers going forward, in a positive way, on both natural gas and our water system.”
Project Dixie is an industrial project which would bring in 300 jobs and $350 million in capital investment. County Council, Partnership Alliance and Greenwood CPW have been negotiating and working with the project company for some time.

Reeves said CPW often is called upon to meet with industrial prospects.
“We are brought in on almost every project, because, obviously, the availability of adequate utility service, plus the cost of that utility service, is a huge factor to most of the companies looking for a location,” Reeves said. “In this particular case (with Project Dixie), because of the very large consumption projections which they have for water and natural gas, we certainly would play a huge part in it. 
“But, we are also involved in this from the the standpoint of other incentives being offered to the company.”