A new fee schedule for events in Greenwood likely will pass at the Aug. 18 meeting of Greenwood City Council.
At the Aug. 4 workshop, council members expressed broad support for a new fee structure proposed by city administrators.
“We’re not trying to discourage events, but we’re getting requests for equipment and other things that events might not need,” assistant to the city manager Julie Wilkie said. “I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard people say, ‘well my friend had an event Uptown and y’all gave him five tents, so I want five tents.’ That’s not a valid request.”

Wilkie said the fee structure would be new.
“There was no fee schedule prior (to this proposal),” she said. “We try to talk up the applicant to determine what they really need (versus) what they want, but for the most part, they get what they ask for within reason.”
The primary impetus behind limiting requests for services and equipment is the cost the city incurs from its staff setting up and tearing down such equipment, often after hours and weekends.