Alvin Roundtree
Alvin Roundtree
A Ninety Six man faces several charges following an encounter with a Greenwood police officer late Tuesday night.
Alvin Roundtree, 44, of 128 Ebony Drive, was charged with assault and battery, failure to stop on lawful command, public drunk, open beer in public and littering in connection with the incident.
A patrolling officer spotted the suspect walking along Taggart Avenue at about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.
According to a Greenwood police report, the man was carrying a beer can, leading the patrolman to stop and question him. When the officer ordered the suspect to stop, he immediately threw his beer can against a residence to the south. The officer then told the suspect he was under arrest for littering and open beer in public, at which point the man ran south behind residences between Townes and Meadow streets.
At one point during the chase, as the officer was closing in, the suspect pushed a trash can at the officer, causing him to fall down. The officer subsequently apprehended the man, tasing him in the lower left back when he seemed to take a fighting stance against the pursuing patrolman.
The suspect was taken to Self Regional Medical Center to be treated for his injuries from the tasing. When the officer visited the man in the hospital, the suspect apologized, saying "I didn't mean to assault you."
The officer noted he suffered a cut to his right knee and two small cuts on his right wrist after falling over the trash can during the chase.