The Greenwood County Sheriff's Office is investigating a rash of auto break-ins that ravaged through Greenwood during the weekend.
Deputies responded to at least 15 reports of car theft from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon, police records showed. GCSO Maj. William Kinney said about 20 vehicles were hit in the past few days.
Virtually all of the break-ins involved cars that were unlocked, with most of the victims noting in the incident reports they forgot to lock their automobiles.
"The biggest thing that we can tell people is that this criminal behavior seems to be targeting vehicles parked at people's residences, and they seem to be targeting unlocked vehicles," said Kinney, head of the GCSO's uniform patrol.
One of the thefts involved a Greenwood Police Department-issued vehicle, where car thieves made off with close to $5,000 worth of weapons and ammunition, according to the GCSO incident report. The 2007 Ford Explorer was parked in the officer's driveway in the Winding Creek subdivision, along with his personal vehicle, Saturday night.
The crime appeared to have taken place between midnight and 10 a.m. Sunday. There were no signs of forced entry as both vehicles were left unlocked, the report stated.
Suspects stole a pistol, a shotgun, a rifle, a bulletproof vest, 2,000 rounds of assorted ammunitions and a patrol bag from the police SUV. Detectives found three small fingerprints and a collection of possible glove prints in the vehicles at the scene, the report indicated. A witness reported seeing four young black males walking out of a trail near the entrance of the subdivision. All four were wearing black and they were carrying flashlights. One was carrying a large black bag resembling a duffel bag.