Greenwood County deputies arrested a Greenwood High School student and a junior high pupil at Northside Middle School in separate incidents Friday, following reports of drug activity at both schools.
Officers recovered 21.5 grams of a substance thought to be marijuana at Northside Friday afternoon and charged a 12-year-old female with simple possession of marijuana in connection with that incident. School officials learned of the suspected drugs, which were hidden in the ceiling of a girls bathroom, after a witness reported seeing the suspect place them there, according to a Greenwood County incident report.
Officers questioned the suspect, who admitted to hiding the drugs in the ceiling. The girl told officers she routinely met her mother at apartments on Taggart Avenue and got the drugs from her to bring to school to dispense. The suspect said her mother grew the weed plants at the apartments of Taggart, reports indicated.

Officers also responded to GHS on Friday morning, after school officials learned of security video footage which allegedly showed a 16-year-old student there holding a bag of marijuana on a D50 school bus. The student was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance within proximity of a school in connection with the incident.
Deputies questioned the student about the video and eventually located 13.5 grams of the suspected drug on the teen. Both suspects' names were redacted from the respective incident reports because they are juveniles.