Sean Lowe
Sean Lowe

A Greenwood couple was arrested following a dispute reportedly involving a gun Monday afternoon.
Sean Lowe, 33, of 405 Greene St., Greenwood, was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm in connection with the incident, and Charlotte Jennings, 34, of 4 Woodson Court, Greenwood, faces a count of drawing weapon in affray stemming from the altercation.
Officers responded to the male suspect's residence about 3 p.m. after reports of someone making threats with a gun.
According to a Greenwood police report:
Officers arrived and found the two suspects, who were identified as girlfriend and boyfriend. The victim told police he and the couple began arguing when one of them accused him of stealing items from the female suspect's automobile. He said the argument escalated and the male suspect retrieved a silver pistol from inside his home and pointed it at him, and the female suspect grabbed a brick and began threatening to hit him with it.

The female suspect admitted to making threats with a brick. The male suspect told police he and the victim squared off against one another and threatened to fight, but there was no gun inside. The victim told police the man hid the gun inside the residence before officers arrived, a claim the male suspect disputed. Officers searched the home and found a silver 9mm handgun hidden underneath a loveseat in a bedroom.