William Warner
William Warner
A Greenwood man is in custody following a brutal attack on his mother.
William Warner of 125 Greenside Drive was arrested by the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office Saturday evening and charged with attempted murder.
According to a GCSO report, officers responded June 29 to 126 Greenside Drive in Greenwood, where they spoke with the victim.
The victim's shirt was torn and she had numerous bruises on her face, neck and arms. The victim was, according to the report, "crying and very upset."
The victim told officers she and her son live in the same home. She also advised officers the suspect "has been in and out of hospitals" for several years.
The victim said the suspect became very angry at her over something that was said. She attempted to move to another room to avoid the suspect but was repeatedly blocked by the increasingly aggressive suspect.
Eventually, the suspect pushed the victim to the floor and she attempted to seek shelter underneath a dining room table. The suspect followed and climbed atop her chest, causing her breathing to become difficult.
The suspect then attempted to place a plastic bag over the victim's head. As the two struggled, the victim managed to distract the suspect by kicking away the center leaf of the table. The victim was able to remove the plastic bag and breathe.

The suspect reached for a dish towel and plastic kitchen bowl, again attempting to cover the victim's mouth with the towel to keep her from breathing. After a short struggle, the suspect switched to the bowl, attempting to put it over the victim's face.
The victim was able to escape when the suspect stopped his assault. The victim was able to leave the home and call 911 from a neighbor's home.
Deputies could not locate the plastic bag in the house, but several plastic kitchen bowls and kitchen towels were found.