The Greenwood Police Department arrested a man Tuesday in connection to a June assault that left the victim with several bruises and marks on her arms and back.
Orlando Ventral Noel Freeman, 24, of 112 Juniper Court, Greenwood, was charged with kidnapping and criminal domestic violence.
According to a police report, an officer met with the victim the evening of June 25.
She told police she tried to get her cellphone from the suspect earlier that day when he became irate and started yelling. According to the victim's account, he yelled at her when she tried to leave and struck her face so hard it momentarily knocked her out. When she came to, the suspect was grabbing her by the hair. She reported he also continued to strike and kick her.

After the assault, the victim said the suspect locked her in a bedroom and continued to threaten her. She said she was locked in the bedroom for about seven hours. She escaped when the suspect left for work that night.
According to the report, the victim and suspect moved in together at the beginning of June.
The suspect was booked into Greenwood County Detention Center on Tuesday night.