Joshua Caleb Puckett
Joshua Caleb Puckett
A Greenwood man was arrested Sunday morning and charged with threatening the life of a public official.

Joshua Caleb Puckett, 31, was arrested after he reportedly threatened the lives of several South Carolina Highway Patrol troopers, Greenwood Police reported.

The incident occurred while officers were serving a trespass notice on a man and his wife. Officers arrived at 121 Canyon Drive after being asked to place the couple on trespass notice by an assistant manager at the Spinx gas station on Bypass 25.

The manager told officers a suspect who causes problems at the station. The report did not specify the nature of these problems, but went on to state the suspect makes "comments that make employees uncomfortable" while inside the store.

The officer was able to identify the suspect because of prior interactions he had with him, and through the physical description of the suspect and his car given by the manager.

The officer went to a residence where he saw the suspect shirtless with a rebel flag tattoo on his chest, as described by the manager.

When advised he and his wife were being placed on trespass notice, the suspect became argumentative and agitated, naming three SCHP troopers and stating "I'll kill them."