Devin Coppella
Devin Coppella
Greenwood police arrested a man thought to be involved in a string of attempted break-ins at several Uptown businesses during the weekend.
Devin Coppella, 24, of 222 W Cambridge Ave., Greenwood, was charged with 17 counts of second-degree burglary in connection with the incidents, jail records showed.
Coppella was arrested Sunday night on an unrelated charge. Investigators said he was seen in the area of the break-ins this weekend and questioned him Tuesday at the Greenwood County Detention Center. The suspect admitted to the charges, officials said. According to a city police report:
Officers were dispatched Sunday to two businesses along Waller Avenue in reference to the break-ins. Investigators found evidence someone tried to pry open both shop's front doors sometime between early Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. There was evidence of pry marks left by some sort of flat tool near the doors' locks.
The suspect also tried to remove the hinge pins from several doors in the area as many of the pins appeared to have been partially removed.
Officers canvassed the area and found similar evidence of tampering at a total of 18 businesses along Waller Avenue, Phoenix Street and the east side of the Uptown square area, records indicated. None of the businesses appeared to have been entered.