Jeffrey Summey
Jeffrey Summey
A Greenwood man faces multiple charges after being arrested Monday following reports someone stole almost 17 feet of metal wiring.
Jeffrey Summey, 44, of 207 Sheard Road, was charged with third-degree burglary, injury to real property to obtain nonferrous metals, petit larceny and transportation or possession of stolen nonferrous metals in connection with the incident.
The theft took place the afternoon of Feb. 9 when Greenwood County deputies were dispatched to Maxway, 716 Bypass 25 NE, as the act was going on. According to a Greenwood County incident report, the owner of the thrift shop told officers the power went out in their store and they began hearing noises from the electrical room. She said she walked out the back of the shop and saw someone walk out of the electrical room carrying items to his vehicle. The man then left the scene heading toward Emerald Road.
Officers took the store owner's description of the suspect and his vehicle and issued an all-points bulletin for the truck. The sheriff's office was able to identify him as the potential thief because a deputy had performed a traffic stop on his vehicle the night before, and recognized that he fit the owner's description.
The store owner picked the man out a six-photo lineup, and deputies learned the suspect pawned nine pounds of copper wire and 200 pounds of steel at a Greenwood scrap yard the day after the theft.

Officers found two eight-foot long leads missing from the shop's main box in its electrical room. Another had been cut out and was found near the door, as if the suspect dropped it. Officials estimated $1,000 in damage to the store's electrical system and $6,000 in lost business from the electricity being cut.