Stanley Wrapp
Stanley Wrapp
Greenwood County narcotics agents arrested a man who now faces drug charges following a traffic stop Thursday afternoon in south Greenwood.
Stanley Wrapp, 27, of 107 Delta Drive, Hodges, was charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine in connection with the incident.
Agents from the county's Drug Enforcement Unit spotted the suspect driving along South Main Street near Brewski Brothers.
According to a Greenwood police report, agents had prior knowledge the suspect's license was suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets, and approached the vehicle, which was parked in the winery's parking lot.
Officers noticed the man began acting nervous and arrested him. The agents searched the man and found a bag in his pocket that contained 12.23 grams of cocaine. Officers found another 2.23 grams of the drug inside the vehicle, as well as a pocket knife and digital scale with white residue.
Agents also found a cellphone in the vehicle containing text messages concerning drug transactions. A criminal background check revealed the suspect had one prior drug-related conviction.