Travis Curry
Travis Curry
A Greenwood man was arrested Wednesday following reports of a domestic dispute.
Travis Curry, 33, 509 Griffin Ave., was charged with kidnapping and criminal domestic violence, third or subsequent offense in connection with the incident.
The victim met deputies at the Greenwood Police Department on July 26 to report the incident. According to a Greenwood County report:
The woman said the suspect picked her up from her job at McDonald's and began driving erratically, saying they were going to die together. At one point, he ran off the road but was able to steer the car back onto the street. The woman said when she demanded he let her out of the vehicle, he responded by saying, "No, we left the car on E, we going to die on E."
The suspect took the woman to an abandoned house out in the country near Bradley, she said, and grabbed her by the hair when she attempted to flee. The woman said he then made a statement about getting something out of the car to kill her with when she was able to escape. The victim hid in some bushes and waited for the suspect to leave the scene, then flagged down an Abbeville County deputy who was driving along Cedar Springs Road in Bradley. The deputy took the victim to the Greenwood Police Department.