Edward Lopez
Edward Lopez

A Greenwood man was arrested following reports of a brutal attack during the weekend.
Edward Lopez, 37, 1415 Cooper St., was charged with criminal domestic violence, failure to stop on lawful command and public drunk in connection with the incident.
Police responded to Self Regional Medical Center early Saturday morning to talk to the victim, who had a gauze bandage wrapped around her head.
According to a Greenwood police report, the bandage showed blood stains from a cut to the back of the woman's head, which penetrated through the gauze in some areas. The woman said the injuries came from the suspect, who was assaulting her all night.
According to the victim, the attacks began just before 1 a.m. and stemmed from a verbal argument. At some point during the argument, the woman left the suspect's residence and began walking north along Cooper Street toward Epting Avenue. The suspect pursued her, threatening to kill her as he chased her east toward South Main Street. He caught her in the roadway between Walgreens and Rite Aid, and subsequently picked the woman up and slammed her onto the pavement. The back of the victim's head struck the ground and blood immediately began to flow down her neck and onto her shirt. The suspect continued threatening the woman and escorted her back to the apartment, where he tried to nurse her injuries.

He ultimately took the woman to Self Regional to be treated, but she did not inform staff about the attacks during that visit, because she said she was afraid the suspect would beat her even worse. The victim was released from the hospital, and the two returned to the apartment.
At some point, the suspect went into what the victim described as an "intoxicated rage" in which he began kicking and punching doors and items in the residence, and punched the woman in the face. She escaped the apartment as he continued storming through the unit, and he again chased her down the street, threatening to kill her as she ran back to Self Regional.
Police spotted the man at the intersection of Edgefield Street and Epting Avenue, and apprehended him following a short foot chase. Officers noted a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the man, and also observed his eyes to be red and glassy, and his speech to be slurred. He told police the victim fell and hit her head in the roadway between Walgreens and Rite Aid and he picked her up.