Shelby Briley
Shelby Briley
A Greenwood mother was arrested Friday after her child was found on a neighbor's porch with bruises.
Shelby Briley, 23, of 80 Third St., Greenwood, was charged with unlawful conduct toward child in connection with the incident.
Officers responded to the home of the suspect's next-door neighbor Friday morning along Third Street in Panola Mill Village. The neighbor called police and reported the 4-year-old boy was on her porch alone with several bruises on his face. According to a Greenwood police report:
When the woman asked the boy where his mother was, she told officers he said, "She don't want me anymore." She also said he told her his mother hit him with a belt when she asked him about the bruises.
Police arrived and immediately noticed the bruises on the victim's face as well as dry blood coming from his left nostril. Officers also indicated his eyes appeared to be slightly swollen. The child said the bruises were several days old, which led officers to believe he had not been bathed in several days.
The boy told officers the bruises came from his mother hitting him with a belt, and lifted his shirt to show another bruise on his back that he said came from his mother hitting him with a belt. He also reiterated his statement to officers that his mother did not want him anymore.
Several neighbors told officers the child is often seen outside his residence without supervision, and one neighbor reported seeing the boy struck and yelled at a lot. Authorities were on the scene for more than an hour when they went to the victim's home to speak to his mother, who was asleep inside the residence at the time.
She told officers the boy must have unlocked the front door when asked why he was unsupervised. Officers noted she appeared to be groggy and slurred her speech as if she was unstable. The woman attributed that to Klonopin pills she had been prescribed. Police also noted that the mother never asked about the child's well being or location during their 15-minute conversation. The Department of Social Services put the boy into emergency protective custody.