Lonnie Jermaine Byrd Sr.
Lonnie Jermaine Byrd Sr.
A Greenwood man was charged with criminal domestic violence Tuesday after a run-in at the Extended Stay Motel on Montague Avenue.

According to Greenwood Police, Lonnie Jermaine Byrd Sr., 31, of 201 Byrd St., was taken into custody following a fight with a woman at the motel.

The victim said she drove to the motel where the suspect was staying in an attempt to retrieve her share of an insurance check. She said her child, the suspect and she were in an automobile wreck and that the insurance company issued the suspect a settlement check of $5,000.

She said she learned the suspect received the check and asked for some of the money, which was intended to take care of her and the suspect's child. She stated the suspect refused to give her any of the money, prompting her visit to the motel.

On arriving at the motel, the victim again asked for the money. She told officers she was choked and her right arm, elbow and shoulder were pinned to the ground. The officer observed minor bruising on the victim's arm.

The victim, according to the police report, was able to scratch the suspect's neck and face until he released her and fled the scene.

Police found the suspect in a field behind a restaurant on Montague Avenue. He told police he was fleeing from his child's mother and friends who he said were attempting to run him over with their vehicle.

The suspect said his child's mother had come to the motel, arguing over a settlement check and that she hit him the back of his head and his back with a lamp. He also said she scratched his face. Police observed a small cut on his left cheek.