Dayterrious White
Dayterrious White
Greenwood police arrested a suspect late Sunday night thought to be involved in a lethal shooting this weekend that left one teenager dead and four others wounded.
Dayterrious White, 17, of 334 Carolina Ave., Greenwood, was charged with murder in connection with the incident.
Investigators confirmed Monday that White was taken into custody in connection with the shooting that occurred during a birthday party Saturday night at an apartment complex along Tabor Street. They would not divulge any information as to what linked him to the incident as the investigation is ongoing.
Officials confirmed Sunday 15-year-old Malik Virshon Padgett, of Columbia, died at Self Regional Medical Center late Saturday night from a gunshot wound to the chest. He was one of five people shot at the party. According to a city police report, the four remaining victims were all black males ranging in age from 14 to 35.
Reports indicated a frenzied, emotionally-charged scene outside the apartment complex, which sits just around the corner from the Greenwood County Law Enforcement Center.
Officers outside the county jail estimated hearing at least 20 shots ring out as they were taking two female prisoners into custody Saturday night. According to police reports:
When officers responded to Tabor Street, they found a large group of people gathered around the 15-year-old boy, who was lying in the street with a gunshot to his upper chest. One member of the crowd was performing chest compressions trying to revive the victim.
Several of those gathered began to scream for an ambulance to transport the teen to the hospital, and they eventually opened the back door of a police patrol car and put the victim inside the vehicle. An officer then transported the juvenile to the Self Regional emergency room.
Between 40 and 50 people who were celebrating at the birthday party gathered in the street outside the complex. At least a dozen cars from the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office and the Greenwood Police Department also filled the scene.
Several witnesses questioned by investigators said they never saw any shooters. Detectives initially thought the shooting might have been a drive-by, but could not confirm that. Officers found two shell casings at the south end of Tabor Street near Washington Avenue, and a black pellet handgun at the corner of Park Avenue and Edgefield Street.
One of the victims suffered a gunshot wound to the left leg, another to his shoulder blade, and one man was shot in the right ankle. A 17-year-old victim who fled the scene of the incident approached officers outside the LEC with a gunshot wound to the left arm.