Dalvin Parker
Dalvin Parker
A Greenwood teenager faces multiple charges following an arrest near Trakas Avenue early Tuesday morning.
Dalvin Parker, 18, of 121 Williams Ave., was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and failure to stop on lawful command in connection with the incident.
Officers were on foot patrol in the 600 block of Trakas Avenue about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday when they spotted a group of males gathered around a car playing cards on its hood.
According to a Greenwood police report, officers approached the group and attempted to talk to the suspect, who was sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle. When police approached him, he got out of the car and began running. Police apprehended the suspect after a short foot pursuit, during which one officer observed him throw a clear baggy into a patch of bushes.
Officers recovered the baggy, which contained 16.28 grams of a substance thought to be marijuana. Officers also found $117 stacked in increments of ones, fives and twenties in the suspect's pocket.