COLUMBIA ­­— Gov. Nikki Haley emphasized the necessity of placing the John de la Howe School under the purview of the Department of Juvenile Justice in a letter to Rep. Kenneth "Kenny" Bingham on Wednesday.
In the letter, Haley thanked Bingham, chairman of the state House Public Education and Special Schools subcommittee for years of hard work addressing "the challenges that we have faced at the John de la Howe School."
Haley wrote she, too, was concerned about John de la Howe's excessive costs and mismanagement enumerated in a Jan. 24 report on the school by the Office of the Inspector General.

One of the major problems discussed at length in the report was the school's lack of data with regard to outcomes or if the school is actually fulfilling its mission.
"This is unacceptable in its own right — certainly at a per-student cost to the taxpayers of $87,000 per year," Haley said in the letter.