Bob Jennings
Bob Jennings
Bob Fisher and Bob Jennings each said they want what is best for Greenwood County Council District 7 and the county as a whole.
But there is only room for one District 7 Republican nominee.
The incumbent Jennings and challenger Fisher will tussle Tuesday in the County Council District 7 Republican primary. There is no Democratic candidate in the District 7 race.
Jennings, 52, has been on County Council since 2003. He owns Jennings Development Co.
Fisher, 52, is making his first bid for political office. He has owned Emerald Welding Inc. for the last 25 years.
Fisher said he has knocked on many doors in District 7 and talked with residents about their concerns. He said many residents have expressed concern with the recent indistrict expense controversy that has enveloped County Council.
As detailed in a recent Index-Journal special report, requested county payroll data indicated five County Council members - Jennings, Edith Childs, Rhett Dominick, Patrick Moody and Gonza Bryant - received a collective $147,718.37 in indistrict expense payments from mid-2008 to early 2011, in addition to their salaries of just more than $8,000 each per year.