Chanta Black
Chanta Black
A Hodges man was arrested Thursday after being implicated as the gunman in a Fourth of July shooting.
Chanta Black, 28, of 806 Nation Road, Hodges, was charged with breach of peace aggravated in nature in connection with the incident.
Officers spoke to the victim the afternoon of July 5, and the man said he was at an Independence Day party at a friend's house along Cokesbury Road near S.C. Highway 246 North when the shooting occurred. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
The man said he and the suspect had an ongoing feud prior to the July 4 party, which they both attended separately. When the suspect saw the victim, he began arguing with him over an incident that occurred more than a year ago. He and several witnesses at the party told officers the victim walked away from the suspect several times and tried to diffuse the situation.
Witnesses reported seeing the suspect open fire on the man while he was standing near a driveway in front of the residence. The victim told officers when he heard the first few shots, he knew it was the suspect shooting, and he grabbed one of the suspect's friends and hid behind him. He then fled the scene down a nearby dirt trail.
The victim and multiple witnesses indicated the suspect was within a close range of about 10 feet when he began firing on the victim, and said they were not sure how a bullet did not hit the man.
The victim picked the suspect's mug out of a photo lineup. Investigators went to the residence on July 10 and found a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson shell casing about 15 feet from the house's front porch.