Erasto Hernandez
Erasto Hernandez

Two men were arrested after Greenwood County narcotics agents discovered an apparent illegal liquor house Sunday at the New Haven apartment complex.
Erasto Hernandez, 70, and Sergio Renoj, 32, both of 207 New Market St., were charged with operating/promoting/assisting gambling in connection with the incident. Hernandez also faces counts of alcohol law violations and business license required stemming from the arrest.
Agents from the county drug enforcement task force responded to the apartment complex along New Market Street and conducted surveillance.
According to a Greenwood police report:

Agents saw several people exit an apartment carrying black bags. A confidential informant told officers that was the normal process for carrying alcohol from the premises after customers purchased it there. About an hour later, DEU agents raided the home and found the two suspects sitting at a table playing cards. Officers later learned the men were gambling. Agents searched the apartment and found 18 cases of beer, 21 cans of various beers, $1,577 in cash, and a notebook with gambling records written inside.