A man who was being investigated in a weekend report of kidnapping was found dead Monday morning in McCormick, according to police.
McCormick police discovered the body of Larry Moore, 51, in his bedroom after putting out a fire at his residence at 503 Pine Street Extension. Pathologists in Newberry performed an autopsy Tuesday morning and determined Moore died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Police say the fatal bullet was fired from a .38 Special revolver.
McCormick Police Department officials said Moore was being investigated there and in Greenwood in connection to an alleged kidnapping Sunday night. According to a report from the Greenwood Police Department, the kidnapping involved a 51-year-old man who held a woman at gunpoint and abducted her from the Old Brewer Middle School in Greenwood to McCormick.
Investigators from Greenwood County's Violent Crimes Task Force indicated they were looking into the kidnapping allegations. VCTF Commander Nick Futch said Moore was identified as a suspect in the case based off reports from the victim and witnesses.
"We were definitely getting to the point where we needed to speak with him, but no warrants had been obtained yet," Futch said Tuesday.
According to the Greenwood Police Department report, McCormick Police Department investigators contacted Greenwood police at 3 a.m. Monday and alerted them that the victim of the alleged kidnapping was at their station in McCormick writing a statement. The woman's statement indicated she and Moore went to dinner to talk, then went to a Greenwood motel and had consensual sex. Afterward, they left the motel in a car and the woman told the suspect she had to leave but he would not let her go. That is when the man pulled a gun out and forced her to accompany him to his mother's Greenwood house, she said. She added he handcuffed her in the car there and then drove to his home in McCormick, where he raped her.
McCormick Maj. William Willis said police had not yet interviewed the man about the allegations, but did note the department was investigating the case. Officers responded to the fire at Moore's house just after 7 a.m. Monday, only a few hours after police removed the victim from his home. Moore was the only person in the house when fire crews arrived to combat the blaze.

Officials were unable to determine an exact cause, but think the fire emanated from candles left burning in Moore's bedroom. An arson team from the State Law Enforcement Division responded to the scene and ruled out arson as a cause for the fire, Willis said.
Pathologists were not able to determine Moore's time of death due to the heat from the fire, but officials know he died after 2:30 Monday morning when police were at his home and actually spoke to him. The GPD report stated a McCormick officer went to Moore's house to question him Monday morning after the woman's statement, but the man never answered the door. The woman who was allegedly abducted took haven at a friend's home in Greenwood and was not injured during the fire.