A Greenwood man was arrested Saturday following reports of thousands of dollars in stolen farm equipment last month. 
Stanley Stathom, 25, of 517 Salak Road, was charged with grand larceny and obtaining money under false pretenses in connection with the incident.
Officers responded to the victim's home along Salak Road late last month. The victim told officers someone stole nearly $5,000 in equipment between Nov. 14-23. According to a Greenwood County incident report, officers checked area pawn shops and recovered some of the items, confirming the suspect sold farm equipment as scrap metal on four different occasions between Nov. 13 and 25. 

The victim's wife said the victim gave permission to take a stove and refrigerator from an old house on the property that collapsed. She indicated she saw the suspect loading additional items onto his father-in-law's truck on Nov. 13 and made him unload them. She also said a neighbor called her Nov. 25 and told her someone backed a truck up to a fence near where the farm equipment was stolen. 
Officers questioned the suspect and he admitted to taking the items after being told not to return to the property. He said he did so because he has four children and needed money to pay for food and bills.