Gene Anderson Land Jr.
Gene Anderson Land Jr.
Abbeville County deputies arrested a suspect Monday following reports a man tried to run his child over with a pickup truck.
Gene Anderson Land Jr., 44, of 297 Brookside Drive, Abbeville, was charged with cruelty to children (torture, deprivation) in connection with the incident.
Deputies responded to the scene along Brookside Drive about 2:50 p.m. Monday. Witnesses told officers they saw the suspect barreling down a ditch in a pickup truck attempting to run over his son, who was on a bicycle.
According to an Abbeville County incident report:
The victim then collapsed in a front yard on the road, at which point the suspect grabbed the boy and dragged him back to the pickup truck. Witnesses told officers they saw the father put the boy in a full nelson and pull his hair as he dragged him to the truck. Deputies looked for the suspect at his home, but no one was there. They noted there was blood in the yard and on the front steps of the home.
Officers located the suspect at the Abbeville Area Medical Center a short time later, and also found the juvenile victim and his mother in the hospital's emergency room. The woman was being treated for a deep cut to her right hand.