About 14 months ago, Greenwood County began distributing new 95-gallon recycling roll carts, a key piece to an update to the county’s recycling program.
A simple glance at the latest participation numbers indicates the updated recycling program has been a success.
Before the updated recycling program began, residents used 18-gallon bins and recycling was collected every week by a truck manned by multiple workers.
With the new program, residents use a 95-gallon roll cart. The county collects the recycling every other week and it is collected by an automated side-loading truck that is operated by just one worker.
According to Greenwood County public works director Donna Sightler, since the county started using the 95-gallon roll carts, it added 2,300 new recycling customers. Participation has gone form 6,200 customers to 8,500 customers.
Sightler said the solid growth of the recycling program was expected.
“We did expect that,” Sightler said. “Actually, we are continuing to get requests for roll carts on a daily basis. People who are on existing routes see their neighbors get a roll cart and they call and request a roll cart, too. People who have never participated in the program before are wanting to participate because of the roll carts.”
Sightler said she has gotten a good bit of positive feedback from residents about the new roll cart system.