COLUMBIA — The John de la Howe School might hold on to hope for autonomy.
In a state Senate K-12 Education subcommittee budget hearing Thursday morning, the subcommittee decided to carry over, or table for further discussion, proviso 7.5 of Gov. Nikki Haley's proposed executive budget for 2014-15.
According to Grant Gibson, financial analyst for the subcommittee, the subcommittee might make its final recommendation on the proviso at a scheduled meeting Wednesday; however, its official adoption will be decided at a full meeting of the Senate Finance Committee.

Haley strongly recommended this proviso be established to rectify managerial problems at the school, which is currently a standalone state agency. Numerous problems concerning agency administration were spelled out in a Jan. 24 Inspector General's report. 
The report found the agency lacked data to justify its mission, in terms of whether it was actually rehabilitating students in an efficient manner. The report stated the school was operating at 47 percent capacity, with cost to the taxpayers at $87,000 per student per year.