Several area governments are raising taxes on their residents for the coming fiscal year. While millage is not set in stone until delinquent tax collection, property values and other factors are calculated in late September and early October, residents can anticipate millage increases in Abbeville, McCormick and Saluda counties. Greenwood County residents can expect a 0.5 mill decrease.
“Last year the debt millage was 6.1 (mills),” Greenwood County Treasurer Sharon Setzer said. “That’s going away, that’s zeroed out.”
Of that 6.1 mills for debt service in Greenwood County, 2 mills will be used to bolster the general fund and 1 mill will go toward the capital fund.

The remaining 2.6 mills are slated to be included in a “committed fund balance” toward the construction of either a new animal shelter or further funding for the county fire services.
That leaves a half mill residents will have removed, bringing the total county millage down to 73.8 mills. Greenwood County’s operating budget is balanced at $19.8 million.
Abbeville County’s budget is balanced at $9,657,109 for both revenue and expenditures. Total millage for the county was 122.2 mills for fiscal year 2013-14 and is projected to rise 1.6 mills in fiscal year 2014-15.