City of Greenwood fire station No. 3 is once again manned by firefighters.
The station — on Jenkins Springs Road —  was unoccupied for more than five months as the city worked to address mold issues there. 
With those issues now resolved, firefighters worked Friday to move furniture and other items back into the station. 
City Fire Chief Terry Strange said he was pleased firefighters are once again on site and ready to run calls out of station No. 3.

“We are excited,” Strange said. “We are excited to be able to get back over here. It’s been one of those situations we didn’t like, but we had to deal with it. We are glad to get back over here and get back to normal.”
Strange said there will be four firefighters on site at station No. 3, around the clock.
Fire station No. 3 was closed in early August as the city worked to address the mold problem. Fire personnel and response equipment from station No. 3 were relocated to station No. 1 on South Main Street while the mold issues were being addressed.
There were several rounds of mold cleanup efforts at fire station No. 3, with work initially being done by City of Greenwood workers. Later, an outside firm — Dean Hunter Co. — was contracted to complete the cleanup.