For numerous years, boundary lines and boundary line agreements have been a hot topic with many property owners along Lake Greenwood.
On Tuesday, Greenwood County Council unanimously adopted a new policy it hopes will provide some clarity and direction on the issue.
According to county documents, Council’s move Tuesday “creates a policy that can be applied to determine the boundary between real property owned by the county and real property adjacent to the same.”
County Council chairman Mark Allison said with the new policy, Greenwood County will no longer claim ownership of various small fragments of land that exist above the 440 contour line around the lake. The county will maintain ownership to everything up to the 440 line, including the lake bed and the water.

“For several months, we have been working on this policy,” Allison said. “Basically, in a nutshell, if I understand correctly, those fragmented pieces of property that exist over three counties (that surround the lake), Greenwood County will no longer claim those.”
County manager Toby Chappell summarized the new boundary line agreement policy.
“The county’s policy going forward will be that we own from the 440 toward the bottom of the lake,” Chappell said. “Land owners that can make legitimate claims to property from the 440 and above, Council will entertain that.”
The new policy says “The adjacent property owner shall pay all professional costs incurred in seeking, obtaining, drafting and closing upon a boundary line agreement, including legal fees and costs, but excluding fees of the county attorney.”