Three men were charged Tuesday after being tied to a March shooting that left one man hospitalized.
Michael Lukie, 21, Greenwood; Christopher Calhoun, 17, of 211 Cromer Road, Hodges; and Dekeem Jones, 18, of 1401 Phoenix St., Greenwood, were each charged with breach of peace, aggravated in nature, in connection with the incident.
Police responded to an emergency room treatment unit at Self Regional Medical Center the night of March 1 and found a male victim shot in the lower back. Doctors informed officers a bullet had possibly entered his rib cage.
Officials from the Greenwood Police Department indicated the wounding was the result of a shootout that ensued after a drug deal went awry. Investigators said two groups met along Phoenix Street to make the drug transaction, and one of the groups had intentions to rob the other of their drugs. GPD Capt. Nick Futch noted no one came forward as a victim of the shooting, so the three suspects were all charged with the aggravated count of breach of peace.
According to a Greenwood police report, the victim of the shooting told officers he was shot behind the Greenwood Fire station along Phoenix Street, but said he did not know who shot him.