Devonda Grant
Devonda Grant
A Greenwood man and woman were arrested after admitting to engaging in sex acts for money late Wednesday night.
Devonda Grant, a.k.a. "Lil Bit," 36, of 617 Orlando Court, was charged with prostitution, and Alejo Ordaz, 32, of 409 Milwee Ave., was booked on a count of solicitation of prostitution in connection with the incident.
Officers on patrol in the area of Taggart Avenue at 11:40 p.m. Wednesday spotted a Chevy Blazer driving suspiciously slow and circling the area. Agents trailed the SUV and followed it into the New Haven apartment complex along New Market Street.
According to a Greenwood police report, agents saw the vehicle pull up behind one of the apartments and the female suspect enter the truck. The officers then exited their vehicle and patrolled the area on foot to locate the vehicle. The agents spotted the SUV parked in a wooded area behind the apartments, and it appeared to be rocking back and forth.
When officers approached the vehicle, both suspects were in the back seat and had their undergarments down and were attempting to pull them up. The male suspect told officers he paid $10 for the sex act, saying he gave her a single $10 bill. The female suspect corroborated that story; however, she argued she had not been paid yet. Officer asked the woman how much money she had, and she produced a $10 bill and a $1 bill. Agents took the $10 bill as evidence.