Mary Bowie
Mary Bowie
An afternoon rendezvous resulted with two people being arrested Monday in Greenwood.
Mary Bowie, 26, of 622 Jordan St., Greenwood, was charged with solicitation of prostitution, while Donnie Southard, 57, of 2082 Bypass 28, Abbeville, was booked on a count of prostitution in connection with the incident.
Both suspects were cited for the offenses, booked at City Hall and released from custody.
According to a Greenwood police report, an officer spotted two vehicles parked on a gas line beside Immanuel Outreach Ministries along New Market Street about 3:30 p.m. Monday. Police talked to the two separately.
When questioned as to why she was sitting at the scene, the female suspect told officers she was "meeting a friend." The male suspect initially told officers the female was his girlfriend for the past three weeks.
The woman eventually broke down and said Southard offered her $100 in exchange for sex, which she said she refused, indicating she did not have sex with the man. The male suspect then said he offered Bowie $60 for sex and paid her in the form of three $20 bills.
The woman continued to deny being paid by Southard, but officers found three $20 bills in her left dress pocket. She said she received $80 from someone prior to meeting with the male suspect. Officers called the man whom Bowie said gave her the money, and he told them he gave her $20 for gas.